Colled Rolled Flat Bar 1018 - 1/8 Inch X 3/4 Inch

Categories: Cold Rolled Flat Bars
Most Cold Finished bars are produced by cold drawing. In this process, oversize hot rolled bars, which have been cleaned to remove scale, are drawn through dies to the required size. Suitable for parts requiring cold forming, such as crimping, swaging or bending.
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Weight 0.319200
bobco_thickness 0.125
price_21to50 10
price_11to20 7
price_6to10 5
addon_charges_fraction 2
addon_charges_percentage 20
addon_charges_simple 5
Width 0.750000
Length 144.000000
Dimension Length 144.000000
Dimension Width 0.750000
Dimension Height 0.125000
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