7 (3/4) J-Bolt Adjustable Barrel Hinges


J-Bolt: 3/4"
Length: 8-1/4"
Thread Length: 5-1/2"
Steel Hinge Gap: 3-1/2"
Nuts: 2 pcs
Approximate weight capacity: 900 lbs
Finish: Black powder coating

Categories: Hinges

J-Bolt Adjustable Barrel Hinges with Nuts is a heavy duty hinge that is made specially for heavy gates and doors. This hinge will swing a full circle if installed without a stop. The barrel hinge with a plate is attached to the wall and the J-bolt arm is attached to the gate. Hinge pivots on a steel ball bearing and includes a grease fitting to keep the bearing lubricated. 

More Information
Weight 2.500000
bobco_thickness 2
Width 4.000000
Length 7.000000
Thickness 2
Dimension Length 8.000000
Dimension Width 4.000000
Dimension Height 2.000000
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