6061 Aluminum Plates

6061 Aluminum Plates

6061 aluminum is a precipitation aluminum alloy, containing magnesium, and silicon as its major alloying elements. This is the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has most of the good qualities of aluminum, and it offers a wide range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Sheet metal is more than .250” thick and most often used for heavy duty application. This is more common in homemade, military or commercial aircraft, architectural applications, bridges, transportation equipments. It can be welded by all methods and can be furnace brazed.

Plates: AMS QQ-A-250/11, MIL-F-17132, ASTM B 209, AMS 4025, AMS 4026, AMS 4027.

This grade is used for a wide variety of products and applications from truck bodies and frames to screw machine parts and structural components.

For automatic screw machine operations, forming.

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